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The Infinity Flavors

Support Is Love


Live A Life Worth Quoting

"You don't have to believe something in order for it to be true. The world doesn't have to believe in you in order for YOU to be GREAT either. YOU decide, everyday."

Cap is my new favorite!

I thought something was wrong when I got my @definitive_virgo package, there wasn’t a problem, I just managed to inhale a bag and a half of C.A.P. and B.A.M. while focusing my energy on my new bracelet! C.A.P. is my new favorite...#Nocap

David S.

"The Peanut Butter granola is sooooo GOOD"

Hey Floyd!! 👋🏽👋🏽. I'm such a peanut butter fanatic and your Peanut Butter granola was sooo good, not overly sweet, it was just right. I also love the bracelet too


"You'll realize you ate a tiny volcano. And it was grand."

When I saw the packaging for WTF!!! (Where's The Fire), I knew I immediately had to buy it. "You had me at cayenne and physicists 💜💜." I KNEW where the fire was....in that package!! . It takes a little while, but once you start eating it, you'll realize you ate a tiny volcano. And it was grand."